Welcome to Quantum Healing and Wellness

Welcome to Quantum Healing and Wellness

A Holistic Reiki Healing Practice

Quantum-Touch and Usui Reiki techniques work with the life force energy of the body, to reduce pain and promote optimal wellness. Quantum Healing and Wellness was established after 25 years of experience as a holistic health care practitioner.

Quantum Healing and Wellness

A gentle, effective practice

I believe in treating the whole person to address the symptoms and causes of disease, stress, and pain. Using Quantum-Touch with Reiki is a gentle, effective way to address these issues from a holistic approach. We work together as client and practitioner to support your body's own inner intelligence to bring the energy where it is needed most.

Focus & Passion

Focus & Passion

I place the focus of my sessions on helping my client become empowered, in bringing them to the awareness that they are in fact the healer of their own being. I offer private healing sessions for relaxation, stress reduction, chronic pain, and illness.
I also offer Level 1 Quantum-Touch Workshops and I am the only certified teacher in the New England Area.

Quantum Healing and Wellness serves the New England area which includes Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

If you would like to learn more about Quantum-Touch and upcoming Level 1 Workshops - Click Here Now

Quantum Healing and Wellness


Darlene S

​Diane is one of the most powerful energy workers I know. My recent session with her for a Jikiden Reiki treatment was a unique combination of Reiki energy and focused healing. A session with Diane will increase your vitality and renew your faith in the power of intention. Diane is an exceptional practitioner who generously shares her gift with her clients. I could not recommend anyone more highly

Dave L

My first introduction to Jikiden Reiki and its relaxation techniques was beyond positive and effective. I have suffered from chronic back and neck issues for over 40 years. Diane's knowledge of reiki gave me relief from my symptoms after one session. This is a therapy I will continue to have on an ongoing basis to manage my pain. Diane was very in tune with my problem and helped me feel comfortable in my treatment.

Eileen P

I highly recommend Reiki sessions with Diane. She makes me feel comfortable and at ease as I seek help to relieve stress and anxiety. My state of calmness after her Reiki treatments also help tremendously with my sleep issues. The sense of peace and serenity I experience is amazing.


The reiki treatments Diane provides are highly effective for treating anxiety as well as physical pain. I recommend her services for anyone struggling with these ailments for relaxation and relief of symptoms that make the day-to-day difficult. She helped me tremendously.

Ingrid A

Diane is a very dedicated, well trained and caring practitioner of high integrity . I am very fortunate to have found her and love working with her.

Marlene D​

Diane was very knowledgeable and professional and made me feel very cared for and supported. I would highly recommend her to others.

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